About Us

The Road Ahead is a person centred organisation. In essence, we treat others with respect; attempting to understand from another person’s point of view; and being open about our own thoughts without making judgements about others. This approach ultimately creates an atmosphere of trust.  Our service offers a place where people can begin to feel less isolated and be helped to make positive decisions for themselves, either through being listened to or by engaging in 1-1 counselling. In doing so it is hoped a person will cope better with any mental health concern, feel healthier and become more active in our small community and gain confidence or the motivation to engage more actively with the wider community.

‘It’s my lifeline to the outside world.  I can’t wait for Thursday coming.  I try to rush the week on and do things to make the time go by. I do things on a Thursday now that I wouldn’t have bothered with before like shopping, doing errands, and meeting family. Thursday’s my day’ ~TRA Client

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 20.31.02Christine Flanders – Founder & Director of The Road Ahead CIC

Christine is a Professional Counsellor with an honours degree in counselling and accredited to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (www.bacp.co.uk).  I have counselled clients experiencing a wide range of issues e.g. depression, anxiety, stress management, anger related, trauma, domestic violence, bereavement, abuse related, substance misuse etc. over a period of 15 years. I have experience working in counselling in GP practices for 5 years, in a community setting for 3 years and in private practice for 3 years. Within this I have worked with: Dual Diagnosis (i.e. counselling clients with both problems with ‘alcohol and a mental health issue’), disabled/carer’s counselling, creative interventions, cognitive behaviour therapy interventions, spiritual accompaniment, creative group work and more.
Christine is Services Coordinator and counsellor in addition to being responsible for overall management of The Road Ahead.


Carolyne Hill MSc BSc (Hons) – Director of The Road Ahead CICScreen Shot 2015-09-21 at 20.18.39

Carolyne is an independent counsellor with substantial experience working with both adults and young people in a variety of settings including primary care, higher education and the local community. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and she respects and practices within its ethical framework.
Carolyne is a counselor for The Road Ahead, as well as acting as bookkeeper, Volunteer manager and fundraising.

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Lyndsey Phillips – Director of and counsellor for The Road Ahead CIC

Lyndsey is a qualified counsellor trained in person centered counseling. I have had experience working as a volunteer counsellor for Eva women’s aid working with female survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, Cruse bereavement Care working with bereaved adults, The George Hardwick foundation working with carers of people with disabilities or terminal illnesses. At present I am volunteering for The Road Ahead and working as a private practice counsellor. I have worked with a wide range of issues during my voluntary work and private practice. I consider myself to be a warm, friendly, caring individual who is non-judgemental and accepting of others.
Lyndsey is a counsellor for The Road Ahead as well as Counselling Referral Processor.

DBeeler_TRHDori Beeler MA, PhD – Director of The Road Ahead CIC

Dori is a social scientist and former business owner. With years of experience in leadership positions within charity organisations, Dori brings her experience of fundraising and organisation development to The Road Ahead team.
Dori is responsible for marketing, grant writing and fundraising for The Road Ahead.

The Road Ahead also benefits from a group of knowledgeable advisory consultants, consisting of: Jamie Hill and Becky Hill.